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Sediment Control

Sediment Control

Filter Bags

Filter bags are an inexpensive, portable solution for site filtration of water with suspended particles. Available in several standard sizes and custom sizes to meet any pumping output, they are ideal for: pumping construction sites, ship bilges, flooded basements and landscaping situations.

Manufactured from non-woven geo-textile, our bags are double stitched with heavy nylon thread and include a PVC inlet nozzle and webbing lift straps.

Turbidity Curtains:

Our turbidity curtains are manufactured from either woven or non-woven geo-textile fabric to meet any site condition; whether short or long term, lake, river or ocean deployment.

Curtains are manufactured to meet NS DOT specifications and are complete with chain ballast, wire tension member, floatation collar and include joining flaps. They are ready to deploy!

Turbidity Curtain Options:

Options include: lifting lines, PVC floatation and ballast pocket covers, tapered configuration and quick release section joins.